May 31, 2011


Well, we have had lots of ups and downs, to be expected. Threw the downs I find lots of new and exciting avenues to take. I can honestly say, I like the downs. Now that were on an UP I find my self going stir crazy. I have so many ideas I want to put into action, but need to pace myself. It sure would be nice to find an assistant. Until my little love bugs are more able I will have to cherish each and every moment with them. Poor me. (LOVE IT!)

So what am I talking about? Arts and crafts. Oh boring ol' A&C right? No. I have started up with simple, fun & beautiful items. Hair accessoris, we know I love this. Sewing kids clothing, nothing difficult. I have had so much fun. I am actually teasing with the idea of purchasing labels to actually sell some items. Crazy, I know. Where would I find the time to make anything to sell? Who cares? I have a passion and I might as well follow it and find where it takes me. This might be my only moment to be able to do this.

So since I love all things a&c, I have joined tuns and tuns of blogs. Yes, you can find more and more amazing ideas and get really crazy in the head reading them. With blog threads I read how some of these moms can paint a house, make dog tags, 200 dresses, plant the spring garden and cook healthy meals all in one week with little people. I can't even find the time to paint my finger nails. What is with this? My ideas are just this: It's normal for them. They must have grown up doing these things with there family and so it's everyday life. I am hoping to teach my children so they too can have these avenues as adults.
I can remember my very first sewing project. I wish I had a picture of it. A felt light bulb in 7Th grade home economics. I loved the idea of the light bulb. Most of my friends were doing a heart, or flower, or there first letter of there name. The boys were doing sports related items. I was so out side the box it made me feel powerful and awkward all at the same time. I can remember sitting in the back of the class room so know body would ask me questions about my choice. The light bulb made me laugh inside. I like that feeling.

I like having breathing room. It feels good. On my daily walk with Zoey today I had a quick phone conversation with a friend who I have been meaning to call for weeks. It was so nice to hear her voice. Then I bumped into my long time friends at DoItCenter and had a quick catch up. On the way up the hill I spoke with another sweet friend who I have been missing for a another quick catch up. It's a good day for me. I am starting to reconnect with the world. I like that.

I have been working on my kids resumes for years now. Well I have had a moment, and there in action now. I have my last tweek tonight before I print them up. Exciting!!! Who knows what will come of this. I do know they love being on stage so why not give it a try this summer? Right?!

I don't want you to think that it's all gravy, there's plenty of down sides as normal. I just choose to leave them out of this note for tonight. Just a little thought on all of this. I do believe when shit hits the fan, you can call the electrician and the electrician has been called, few.