May 07, 2014

To blog or not to blog that is the question.

(please forgive my poor grammar and spelling, I don't do this to you on purpose. So your choice from here on out. Ok.)

Why question it?  Just do it already. Yes there's facebook, but it's just not the same. You simply put out a few words for a while, then you post like crazy for a few years, then you take a step back and it's all not so important to you anymore.  I found my dreams and desires on FB years ago.  My craftastic life emerged and bloomed like crazy!  Communication with family and friends of course too.  So now I need my little outlet back that I left in the wind over 3 years ago.  I was on a roll to.  So what has happened since then and why blog now? Oh so many questions. Here is one "then" and one "now".  

I was inspired today to write about my youngest daughter.  She is so funny to me.  Maybe it's my twisted view on things, or maybe, just maybe she is a hoot!  In general she seams shy, feisty, stand offish, non focused.  Yet when you get into her core she's so the opposite!  She makes me laugh all day every day.  Example about 3 years ago she learned when she falls or gets a boo boo to say, "I am ok".  This was out of response from my reactions to her getting hurt. I would always go to her or ask if she was ok.  It totally embarrassed her and made the situation worse.  So one day out of no where she popped right back up, arms to the sky, big juicy smile,  and screamed, "I AM OK!"  It was a changing moment.  A happy positive moment. We never looked back.  I always wait for it, the I AM OK!  And now to the funniest story I can think of off the top of my head.  Were in costco.  Zoey is known to fall down...   a lot.  I worry and keep an extra eye on her.  Always.  Big sister too.  We stop at the frozen section.  I open the door, pull out my chicken tenders.  Both girls standing behind me.  We slowly start to walk away from that area and I turn my head to warn the girls to be careful and not...     ...Zoey trips over the back of my foot as I am in my first walking stride.  She goes flying in the air...  ...FLYING!!!!  She looks like superman, both hands out. She's about 3 feet off the ground.  Here comes some poor innocent middle aged mom with her shopping cart.  She's pushing her cart past us now in full motion. I am about ready to loose my S#!&.  My girl is flying toward a moving vehicle.  My world is in slow motion as I do everything in my power to grab my child and save her from a world of hurt.  Yet it's too late.  She soars threw the air like a super hero and lands perfectly on the bottom of this poor terrified ladies shopping cart.  The lady screams!  Zoey is carefully now getting out from the under rack of this shopping cart.  I mean careful and slow.  I am waiting for it...   ...waiting patiently...   ...where is it...   ...who do I need to call...  ...I am right there, my face in hers as she's getting up slowly...  ...what the hell is happening with my daughter?  She gets out of the cart.  Hands up in the air, big juicy smile,   I AM OK!  No joke,  I am wiping tears away from my face, laughing.  The lady?  Well she's not laughing.  She's still crying, apologizing.  Zoey goes to shopping cart lady, all 3.5 feet of her bad self, raises her arms, cracks a smile and screams, I AM OK!  The lady almost had a heart attack.  How often does a Zoey come flying like batman into your shopping cart and you get away from the situation with out being thrown in some sort of mental anguish hell for the next 13 years because you ran over some kids hand and it fell off?  
Now to present day.  Today was funny too!  We are on a soccer field for big sister today.  Were walking along to set up camp for the next 90 minutes.  Zoey is in charge of the ol' sleeping bag to lay out in the most perfect spot.  There are elastic bands attached and she uses them to place on her arms. Zoey uses this huge ugly sleeping bag as a cape.  She's running around with my clean ugly ol' bag, dragging it on the loose dirt, where i'd like to take refuge.  Eventually she plops the bag down, opens it, and we start to settle in.  Homework is number one then we can play.  A mom with two kids sits next to us as her eldest is playing soccer too.  We crack the homework out and get started. In the mean time this mom next to us is just obnoxious with her kids.  Explains how she had this super long drive with traffic.  She tells the kids to leave her alone.  Stop doing this, stop doing that.  Why are you acting this way she asks the kids.  It's a non stop roller coster we have to endure.  I decided to throw a tennis ball to the kids.  It makes no difference and know-body even noticed.  Zoey is now covering her ears looking away from them. I ask her if she would like to move her blanket to another area.  I'd be happy to help.  Zoey is just so not about to move.  This is her spot.  She found it first!  NO MOMMY.  Ok.  about 3-4 minutes of her holding her ears shut with the palms of her hands she screams, "STOP!"  She's looking at me, but I know better.  Then she stands up and screams again, "STOP!"  Ears covered still.  I must look like the nutty mom now.  I try not to laugh.  I start to pack homework away.  Clearly my child cant' handle this anymore.  Then out of panic since she sees me packing our stuff up to move, she looks at the family.  "STOP TALKING!  STOP!"  You see, Zoey wanted her space.  She flew over from who know's where in her special ugly cape and this was her home base.  The family promptly packs up and leaves.  I have no idea if there child playing soccer went with them.  It was powerful, funny, and appropriate.  I almost peed my self when she looked at them. I didn
't know if they were going to freak out or not.  I can't believe the mom didn't freak out on us.  I am laughing now.  Imagine if she went bat s#!&.  Oye Vey!  But who can resist a Zoey???  <3  

And those are just two funny's I had to share, the inspiration for my blogging tonight.  

I started some yummy gumdrop pillows by the all famous Amy Butler btw!  So now I have reason to blog again.  Maybe some more Zoey's stories too!  

December 19, 2011

X~Mas Slide Show

Happy  Holiday's Slide Show & Music.  

Ok so I can't wait another stinking second to have hubby come and fix my stinking slide show. First thing this morning I was certain I would have a beautiful DVD show for you all, but now at 4:31.  I am defeated, and laundry is done. Too bad Craigers has tuns of stuff to do and can't help me for more then a few minutes at a time. He is how ever kind, and helpful and this is the whole reason you are able to see the show!  Make sure the volume is on.  The music is so super sweet, right from Isabella's chorus class.  
Hopefully after bed time this will be all fixed up!  ;) 

November 21, 2011

It's time to blog!

blog Blog Blog!!!
Notice how attentive I have been to my FB pages? OMG I can't stop. Every few hours there's more good stuff! I must belong to the most amazing pages. Vintage Lucy, Forty Toes, Alisa Burke to name a few. It's like a non stop craft shop... ...daily! Although I love my FB I must get back to my blog as I have freedom here. Freedom to not feel judged. Freedom to feel non annoying! How great it is to feel free~
It took a long time to figure out how to keep track of all my craft~tastic peeps. It's all very clear and simple, FB. If your not there connected to Forty Toes, well you probably don't exist. If you want to sell anything, share anything, or just be annoying, you must be there on FB. Threw FB you can have your Big Cartel, Etsy, Blogger, or any type of web page. Ahh.... ...I found my circle.
Since April I have been sewing. Girls, I have had so much fun! Yes, Girls! 95% of us bloggers are female. Fantastic! It kind of goes with my ideas that I just don't ever need a male doctor. Ok, my doctor is male currently and a stones throw from my front door, but still, why a male? They don't even think, look, or act like us. How are they suppose to take care of us? Well that's for another day's blog. Back to sewing. I can't stop, don't make. It's my happy factor and with out it, I could die. Seriously. I have started an etsy shop, one Lilly dress. I am yet to be involved with the Craft circle so hence no sales. Besides my photos STINK! I owe Etsy $0.20 cents before they shut me down. HA HA HA! It's a nice place to gather info on selling with there emails, and a great place to advertise, yet I know the inside scoopage! Get in a craft circle, offer to donate something amazing to the next give away and your in! 100's and even 1000's of new fresh potential customers. So what to sell? SOmething easy I love to make. I will have to come up with a few good items that mesh well together and don't need a serger for speed. Serger will be the next big ticket gift, next year. Not in a rush, it will just make me even crazier to sew than I am already.
Camera. If I don't get one for the holiday, Craig will have to shoot me down. I ask him to borrow a camera almost every day. It's being used, it's in the shop, I forgot it at the office. Hello! Your main office is in the stinking garage sucker! He's so kind to me, yet where's my camera? If I am on the back side of the hill, it's my own fault. (hence we live on a cliff, lower level is more then 50ft down. Ry and I checked with a mesureing tape several years back.)
It's super late and I can't sleep so I better at least try now. Here's a picture of my besties with my phone camera.
Peace and good night world, hopefully.

November 08, 2011

Vintage Lucy's Look to the right -->

Go and check them out!!! Totally cute stuff. See that cute little button on the top right? Click it!

August 30, 2011

Can't seam to find or put on your "Jewelry"? Here's the help you need!!!

Note: Since I have opened my eyes to crafty blogs over the last year or so I found "Make it and love it" several times. I don't think she has any idea who I am and that's ok. With in the last year my crafty neighbor mentioned the site and I ran over to her blog. I found her again! Fantastic. I get these really great emails most day's with great ideas. I don't subscribe to many craft~tastic emails as it can be overwhelming. I just place there link here on my main page so I can follow as I like. That was a long learned lesson. Thank You to Erin from the button on the right. You see the green one with cute kids, "My little Miracles", for showing me the light!

So with all that said, lets begin. The other day my email from MI&LI was a hanging jewelry holder/space saver. I had been looking at these for some time and thought how ugly! With the nice new spin, MI&LI gave me inspiration. My mission this year will be to shower before sending kids to school (happily) and to wear my jewelry. I know so silly, but a mission of great exploration! So where is all my jewelry? In a box. Can I see it? No. I thought for sure I should purchase an expensive jewelry chest to help me out. So get this. I don't wear jewelry because I don't see it, so I thought a larger more expensive box would do the trick. NOT! HAHAHA!!!! Did you check out the link yet? Here it is again, just incase you didn't see...

Now lets put a ZoBe~N~Me spin on this project. I would love to right now run over to Joann's, the night before 1st grade and start this project. I just don't have enough time or money to spend at Joann's. Not my first pick of stores, but none the less the only store with in 30 miles that I can get to. Since this project is number 15 on the list of must does, I found an easier solution. I was in Bed Bath & Beyond last weekend. I found there jewelry organizer for 10 bucks.
I added some craft paper that Zo & Be fell madly in love with. Bam, I have my mini project. I can't wait to actually get to my 15th project and make the real thing. Number 16 is pouches from the left overs, exciting! All from MI&LI.

I will do the trickle down affect for the girls and they can have this one we made tonight.

Petticoat Tutorial From:Alisa Burke

This is more of a test to see if you can link up to this wonderful Petticoat tutorial. All thought it's just so super sweet and I have to make one for my self!
Here is a beautiful picture of the skirt and it's creator.

Now I better get busy!!! Have a wonderful morning everyone... ... all 5 of you!

August 29, 2011

Girl Summer Update/Photos/Questions for YOU!

We have had an amazing summer. Too bad we were not able to go and do everything on our list, yet we had so much fun!
The summer started out with our BFF's across the street going out of town for several months. Boo!

Of course we had lots of family time, swimming, and hugging dolphins!
Of course there were plenty of down day's while I sewed my little fingers off! I am pretty proud of my sister skirts and of course my first quilt. Did I mention I loved to sew? Funny, right?!

Of course there was so much fun in Lake Lopez & Gull Lake. I can not seam to find photos currently. We have had a trickle down affect computer wise. I am so happy about that, yet I missing one month's worth of photos. Second Boo! But that's OK. We also went to Ventura Count Fair and eventually Santa Fe, NM by train. It was super wonderful to experience the Indian Festival. I had no idea there was such a huge market for Indian items. It was amazing to see so many booths, so much art and even meet my sisters friend at a booth. We all winded up with a corn on the cob and the kids with corn kernel necklaces which I just love to wear! I was shopping for a musical instrument for the children when I came upon a man sitting on a bench. He had a bag filled with wooden flutes. When I asked him where he purchased them he said he made them. How exciting for me! I proceeded to ask how much and he told me $500.00. I almost fell over. OK I get it, it's handmade. I just didn't expect that number. I have to remind myself I am surrounded by artists and I better get my butt over to the "5 & Dime" if I want to pick up anything for the kids. People were in line with checkbooks ready to purchase items. It was all so beautiful. It's a must see on your list one year.

Thank You sissy for letting us stay with you in your beautiful home with your lovely family. Well now that I have burned your eyes out with all my photos, I have a small question. Is there a place here on Blogger where I can make a collage of photos? What about in iphoto. I have no interest at this point in using photo shop. Give me till next summer! Oh and I am borrowing a very fancy camera. I can't wait to get over to Paramount Ranch!

August 16, 2011

MY Quilt!

My Quilt! I did it, I really did it!
Ok so you read the first post and it was a work in progress. Yes it was lots of work. My poor kids have seen way too much tv in the last few days. Sorry girls! So before we go swimming, few, here she is!

Voila! I love it. I have plenty to comment on but will post when I have a moment free. So much fun! I would suggest everyone try this. Cheers!

August 15, 2011

Sew much is happening~

Ok so where to start? I Know go check out ZoBeNMe on Facebook. Copy and paste if you like: That should sum up the sewing avenues, but it won't. Yes, I still love my Brother and would be lost with out it. Was thinking of painting it bubble gum pink or Tiffany's Blue. Don't know how that will work out since it's plastic and I do need to see the numbers. It's a work in progress. Well most things are... my quilt! I had a friend suggest that I save the scraps for a quilt. Well I really thought she was nuts due to the amount of scraps I had. So I recycled most of it, and saved some rather larger pieces. Thankfully I did. You see I found this rather amazing link from All Free Sewing and I just have to share it!

Do you see what I am saying now? This is a fantastic quilt I just had to make.
I saw this quilt about 1 month ago. I could not get it out of my head. Not for one day.

The other day, going threw the Joann's fabric coupons I found this cutting system @ 40% off. It's still on sale and with a coupon well, it's the same price all year long!
This Fiskars is rather nice. It complements my virgo~ness. See!
Currently I am in the ironing phase of my quilt.

I want it to be perfect. I did a few youtube videos. I learned you need to have the fabric going in all different directions when sewing, not all in the same direction. This is probably taking an extra day or two, but who cares? It's a quilt in the making!!! I even purchased a sewing machine who likes to make quilts. So tomorrow I will be doing some more research via Brother and youtube before attaching the pieces together. I will repost my final product here in a few more days. Wish me luck I get a square or rectangle and not a lumpy rhombus. =)

I know you just love that 8 dollar iron on the wood table! (there's a heavy fabric place mat for my ironing underneath. Promise.)