August 29, 2011

Girl Summer Update/Photos/Questions for YOU!

We have had an amazing summer. Too bad we were not able to go and do everything on our list, yet we had so much fun!
The summer started out with our BFF's across the street going out of town for several months. Boo!

Of course we had lots of family time, swimming, and hugging dolphins!
Of course there were plenty of down day's while I sewed my little fingers off! I am pretty proud of my sister skirts and of course my first quilt. Did I mention I loved to sew? Funny, right?!

Of course there was so much fun in Lake Lopez & Gull Lake. I can not seam to find photos currently. We have had a trickle down affect computer wise. I am so happy about that, yet I missing one month's worth of photos. Second Boo! But that's OK. We also went to Ventura Count Fair and eventually Santa Fe, NM by train. It was super wonderful to experience the Indian Festival. I had no idea there was such a huge market for Indian items. It was amazing to see so many booths, so much art and even meet my sisters friend at a booth. We all winded up with a corn on the cob and the kids with corn kernel necklaces which I just love to wear! I was shopping for a musical instrument for the children when I came upon a man sitting on a bench. He had a bag filled with wooden flutes. When I asked him where he purchased them he said he made them. How exciting for me! I proceeded to ask how much and he told me $500.00. I almost fell over. OK I get it, it's handmade. I just didn't expect that number. I have to remind myself I am surrounded by artists and I better get my butt over to the "5 & Dime" if I want to pick up anything for the kids. People were in line with checkbooks ready to purchase items. It was all so beautiful. It's a must see on your list one year.

Thank You sissy for letting us stay with you in your beautiful home with your lovely family. Well now that I have burned your eyes out with all my photos, I have a small question. Is there a place here on Blogger where I can make a collage of photos? What about in iphoto. I have no interest at this point in using photo shop. Give me till next summer! Oh and I am borrowing a very fancy camera. I can't wait to get over to Paramount Ranch!


  1. OK I have no idea how to create a link to this post. Ugh! I need a class. Oh Erin!!! How much do you charge per hour? =)

  2. Awe! We miss you girlies too! :) Looks like you had a great summer! Now on to first grade for our Lu and Bell, can you believe it!?! Love that you made a quilt, I need to get going on one for myself. xoxo