May 07, 2014

To blog or not to blog that is the question.

(please forgive my poor grammar and spelling, I don't do this to you on purpose. So your choice from here on out. Ok.)

Why question it?  Just do it already. Yes there's facebook, but it's just not the same. You simply put out a few words for a while, then you post like crazy for a few years, then you take a step back and it's all not so important to you anymore.  I found my dreams and desires on FB years ago.  My craftastic life emerged and bloomed like crazy!  Communication with family and friends of course too.  So now I need my little outlet back that I left in the wind over 3 years ago.  I was on a roll to.  So what has happened since then and why blog now? Oh so many questions. Here is one "then" and one "now".  

I was inspired today to write about my youngest daughter.  She is so funny to me.  Maybe it's my twisted view on things, or maybe, just maybe she is a hoot!  In general she seams shy, feisty, stand offish, non focused.  Yet when you get into her core she's so the opposite!  She makes me laugh all day every day.  Example about 3 years ago she learned when she falls or gets a boo boo to say, "I am ok".  This was out of response from my reactions to her getting hurt. I would always go to her or ask if she was ok.  It totally embarrassed her and made the situation worse.  So one day out of no where she popped right back up, arms to the sky, big juicy smile,  and screamed, "I AM OK!"  It was a changing moment.  A happy positive moment. We never looked back.  I always wait for it, the I AM OK!  And now to the funniest story I can think of off the top of my head.  Were in costco.  Zoey is known to fall down...   a lot.  I worry and keep an extra eye on her.  Always.  Big sister too.  We stop at the frozen section.  I open the door, pull out my chicken tenders.  Both girls standing behind me.  We slowly start to walk away from that area and I turn my head to warn the girls to be careful and not...     ...Zoey trips over the back of my foot as I am in my first walking stride.  She goes flying in the air...  ...FLYING!!!!  She looks like superman, both hands out. She's about 3 feet off the ground.  Here comes some poor innocent middle aged mom with her shopping cart.  She's pushing her cart past us now in full motion. I am about ready to loose my S#!&.  My girl is flying toward a moving vehicle.  My world is in slow motion as I do everything in my power to grab my child and save her from a world of hurt.  Yet it's too late.  She soars threw the air like a super hero and lands perfectly on the bottom of this poor terrified ladies shopping cart.  The lady screams!  Zoey is carefully now getting out from the under rack of this shopping cart.  I mean careful and slow.  I am waiting for it...   ...waiting patiently...   ...where is it...   ...who do I need to call...  ...I am right there, my face in hers as she's getting up slowly...  ...what the hell is happening with my daughter?  She gets out of the cart.  Hands up in the air, big juicy smile,   I AM OK!  No joke,  I am wiping tears away from my face, laughing.  The lady?  Well she's not laughing.  She's still crying, apologizing.  Zoey goes to shopping cart lady, all 3.5 feet of her bad self, raises her arms, cracks a smile and screams, I AM OK!  The lady almost had a heart attack.  How often does a Zoey come flying like batman into your shopping cart and you get away from the situation with out being thrown in some sort of mental anguish hell for the next 13 years because you ran over some kids hand and it fell off?  
Now to present day.  Today was funny too!  We are on a soccer field for big sister today.  Were walking along to set up camp for the next 90 minutes.  Zoey is in charge of the ol' sleeping bag to lay out in the most perfect spot.  There are elastic bands attached and she uses them to place on her arms. Zoey uses this huge ugly sleeping bag as a cape.  She's running around with my clean ugly ol' bag, dragging it on the loose dirt, where i'd like to take refuge.  Eventually she plops the bag down, opens it, and we start to settle in.  Homework is number one then we can play.  A mom with two kids sits next to us as her eldest is playing soccer too.  We crack the homework out and get started. In the mean time this mom next to us is just obnoxious with her kids.  Explains how she had this super long drive with traffic.  She tells the kids to leave her alone.  Stop doing this, stop doing that.  Why are you acting this way she asks the kids.  It's a non stop roller coster we have to endure.  I decided to throw a tennis ball to the kids.  It makes no difference and know-body even noticed.  Zoey is now covering her ears looking away from them. I ask her if she would like to move her blanket to another area.  I'd be happy to help.  Zoey is just so not about to move.  This is her spot.  She found it first!  NO MOMMY.  Ok.  about 3-4 minutes of her holding her ears shut with the palms of her hands she screams, "STOP!"  She's looking at me, but I know better.  Then she stands up and screams again, "STOP!"  Ears covered still.  I must look like the nutty mom now.  I try not to laugh.  I start to pack homework away.  Clearly my child cant' handle this anymore.  Then out of panic since she sees me packing our stuff up to move, she looks at the family.  "STOP TALKING!  STOP!"  You see, Zoey wanted her space.  She flew over from who know's where in her special ugly cape and this was her home base.  The family promptly packs up and leaves.  I have no idea if there child playing soccer went with them.  It was powerful, funny, and appropriate.  I almost peed my self when she looked at them. I didn
't know if they were going to freak out or not.  I can't believe the mom didn't freak out on us.  I am laughing now.  Imagine if she went bat s#!&.  Oye Vey!  But who can resist a Zoey???  <3  

And those are just two funny's I had to share, the inspiration for my blogging tonight.  

I started some yummy gumdrop pillows by the all famous Amy Butler btw!  So now I have reason to blog again.  Maybe some more Zoey's stories too!