April 21, 2011

Sick... ...again & growing up.

The girls and I have been sick since November on and off that is. Feeling quite depressed by the whole situation I have found sewing. Fantastic!. I begged, borrowed and stole to sew at first. I decided I love it. LOVE IT! So I purchased a Singer Heavy Duty recommended by my new friend @ Joann's. It was loud, so loud I thought of returning it. Then my very best friend told me about another brand which had options. I did some research and found out my new friend @ Joann's was holding me back. I ran over there 11 day's and 10 garment's later with questions. I decided to return my loud mechanical machine. I have made up my mind. I want the electronic type with lots of options on the consumer reports good to go bad ass. (oops, but it was so necessary) So here I am at home with no machine. I have to wait for my refund check from the Singer. I paid cash. DUMB! I have to wait 6 weeks for my money. I might not be able to wait any longer and have to borrow from a child. Humm..... Is that bad? No, I don't think so since my child, the one who is sick could surely use some embellishments on her white down comforter. (I refuse to put a duvet on since they can't or won't help me wash them. Instead the down just gets washed all the time.) I am trying to make my life less cluttered. I could use all the help I can get.
The baby's birthday is in 8 days. The baby? Where? She will be 3yo. I am kind of stunned by this. At every moment this last week, I watch, take mental notes and just go gaga over her. I smother her with hugs and kisses like never before. Well I have always been affectionate with the kid's, but now I feel like I have a dead line. 8 day's until explosion of the 2yo turning into a 3yo. I have purposefully planned her school party for after her real birthday instead of the weekend prior. I am truly going threw stuff right now and can't figure out why I have some heavy feelings about her turning 3yo.

The big girl, so big! I purchased size 12 shoes for her. Few... ...there's room for growth. Not doing well right now with my kids growing up. It's totally saddening my heart.

Cousin Nick and Ryan with there latest craze. Snake hunting. Yes, they are good at it and love the new found hobby. I on the other hand am completely horrified. Rattler's is there main catch. YUCK!

The boy is big. It's actually nice that he is growing up. Hard, but nice since we have needed him to grow up in some areas of his life. He's still such a kid about lots of things, so I don't feel like he's going to fast right now. 3 years ago was a shock for me. Letting certain things go so he can be the kid he needs to be.
Feeling overwhelmed is normal, but right now I am doing well. I have been creative in constructing birthday crafts. I am glad it's almost over as I am getting board with it. I am actually getting board of being home. I, we so need a vacation any where to become inspired. I will probably run up to Santa Barbara for the day tomorrow. Zoo day could do us all some good. With all that said, good night.

April 04, 2011

Testing Testing 123

For some time I thought, why not blog?  I have lots I love to share but don't want to force it upon others on FB any more.
Tonight, here I am trying to find out how to become a fan of Ginger and Louise blog.  Here's a copy & paste of where to find her....      ...http://gingerlouiseclothing.blogspot.com/
and Bam!  I figure how to enter this secret society.
First off, I want you to know this is a peaceful fun zone. So if you don't want to respect it, or I fail at it, we shall be fined.  Fined one night out on the town with out kids~  YEAH!
Secondly you should know this about me.  I have always been crafty with failure.  LOTS of failure.
Third, I am totally dyslexic and will probably type sdrawkcab and sideinout.
So with out further mumbo jumbo, here I come to find you my friends. Find out what you have been up to that is.  Also of course to show off some stuff I have created and proud of.
Jessie Girl and Co (<--I wish I knew how to change that name)