April 04, 2011

Testing Testing 123

For some time I thought, why not blog?  I have lots I love to share but don't want to force it upon others on FB any more.
Tonight, here I am trying to find out how to become a fan of Ginger and Louise blog.  Here's a copy & paste of where to find her....      ...http://gingerlouiseclothing.blogspot.com/
and Bam!  I figure how to enter this secret society.
First off, I want you to know this is a peaceful fun zone. So if you don't want to respect it, or I fail at it, we shall be fined.  Fined one night out on the town with out kids~  YEAH!
Secondly you should know this about me.  I have always been crafty with failure.  LOTS of failure.
Third, I am totally dyslexic and will probably type sdrawkcab and sideinout.
So with out further mumbo jumbo, here I come to find you my friends. Find out what you have been up to that is.  Also of course to show off some stuff I have created and proud of.
Jessie Girl and Co (<--I wish I knew how to change that name)

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