August 15, 2011

Sew much is happening~

Ok so where to start? I Know go check out ZoBeNMe on Facebook. Copy and paste if you like: That should sum up the sewing avenues, but it won't. Yes, I still love my Brother and would be lost with out it. Was thinking of painting it bubble gum pink or Tiffany's Blue. Don't know how that will work out since it's plastic and I do need to see the numbers. It's a work in progress. Well most things are... my quilt! I had a friend suggest that I save the scraps for a quilt. Well I really thought she was nuts due to the amount of scraps I had. So I recycled most of it, and saved some rather larger pieces. Thankfully I did. You see I found this rather amazing link from All Free Sewing and I just have to share it!

Do you see what I am saying now? This is a fantastic quilt I just had to make.
I saw this quilt about 1 month ago. I could not get it out of my head. Not for one day.

The other day, going threw the Joann's fabric coupons I found this cutting system @ 40% off. It's still on sale and with a coupon well, it's the same price all year long!
This Fiskars is rather nice. It complements my virgo~ness. See!
Currently I am in the ironing phase of my quilt.

I want it to be perfect. I did a few youtube videos. I learned you need to have the fabric going in all different directions when sewing, not all in the same direction. This is probably taking an extra day or two, but who cares? It's a quilt in the making!!! I even purchased a sewing machine who likes to make quilts. So tomorrow I will be doing some more research via Brother and youtube before attaching the pieces together. I will repost my final product here in a few more days. Wish me luck I get a square or rectangle and not a lumpy rhombus. =)

I know you just love that 8 dollar iron on the wood table! (there's a heavy fabric place mat for my ironing underneath. Promise.)

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