August 30, 2011

Can't seam to find or put on your "Jewelry"? Here's the help you need!!!

Note: Since I have opened my eyes to crafty blogs over the last year or so I found "Make it and love it" several times. I don't think she has any idea who I am and that's ok. With in the last year my crafty neighbor mentioned the site and I ran over to her blog. I found her again! Fantastic. I get these really great emails most day's with great ideas. I don't subscribe to many craft~tastic emails as it can be overwhelming. I just place there link here on my main page so I can follow as I like. That was a long learned lesson. Thank You to Erin from the button on the right. You see the green one with cute kids, "My little Miracles", for showing me the light!

So with all that said, lets begin. The other day my email from MI&LI was a hanging jewelry holder/space saver. I had been looking at these for some time and thought how ugly! With the nice new spin, MI&LI gave me inspiration. My mission this year will be to shower before sending kids to school (happily) and to wear my jewelry. I know so silly, but a mission of great exploration! So where is all my jewelry? In a box. Can I see it? No. I thought for sure I should purchase an expensive jewelry chest to help me out. So get this. I don't wear jewelry because I don't see it, so I thought a larger more expensive box would do the trick. NOT! HAHAHA!!!! Did you check out the link yet? Here it is again, just incase you didn't see...

Now lets put a ZoBe~N~Me spin on this project. I would love to right now run over to Joann's, the night before 1st grade and start this project. I just don't have enough time or money to spend at Joann's. Not my first pick of stores, but none the less the only store with in 30 miles that I can get to. Since this project is number 15 on the list of must does, I found an easier solution. I was in Bed Bath & Beyond last weekend. I found there jewelry organizer for 10 bucks.
I added some craft paper that Zo & Be fell madly in love with. Bam, I have my mini project. I can't wait to actually get to my 15th project and make the real thing. Number 16 is pouches from the left overs, exciting! All from MI&LI.

I will do the trickle down affect for the girls and they can have this one we made tonight.

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  1. Cute idea...easy and cheep without being bland.