November 21, 2011

It's time to blog!

blog Blog Blog!!!
Notice how attentive I have been to my FB pages? OMG I can't stop. Every few hours there's more good stuff! I must belong to the most amazing pages. Vintage Lucy, Forty Toes, Alisa Burke to name a few. It's like a non stop craft shop... ...daily! Although I love my FB I must get back to my blog as I have freedom here. Freedom to not feel judged. Freedom to feel non annoying! How great it is to feel free~
It took a long time to figure out how to keep track of all my craft~tastic peeps. It's all very clear and simple, FB. If your not there connected to Forty Toes, well you probably don't exist. If you want to sell anything, share anything, or just be annoying, you must be there on FB. Threw FB you can have your Big Cartel, Etsy, Blogger, or any type of web page. Ahh.... ...I found my circle.
Since April I have been sewing. Girls, I have had so much fun! Yes, Girls! 95% of us bloggers are female. Fantastic! It kind of goes with my ideas that I just don't ever need a male doctor. Ok, my doctor is male currently and a stones throw from my front door, but still, why a male? They don't even think, look, or act like us. How are they suppose to take care of us? Well that's for another day's blog. Back to sewing. I can't stop, don't make. It's my happy factor and with out it, I could die. Seriously. I have started an etsy shop, one Lilly dress. I am yet to be involved with the Craft circle so hence no sales. Besides my photos STINK! I owe Etsy $0.20 cents before they shut me down. HA HA HA! It's a nice place to gather info on selling with there emails, and a great place to advertise, yet I know the inside scoopage! Get in a craft circle, offer to donate something amazing to the next give away and your in! 100's and even 1000's of new fresh potential customers. So what to sell? SOmething easy I love to make. I will have to come up with a few good items that mesh well together and don't need a serger for speed. Serger will be the next big ticket gift, next year. Not in a rush, it will just make me even crazier to sew than I am already.
Camera. If I don't get one for the holiday, Craig will have to shoot me down. I ask him to borrow a camera almost every day. It's being used, it's in the shop, I forgot it at the office. Hello! Your main office is in the stinking garage sucker! He's so kind to me, yet where's my camera? If I am on the back side of the hill, it's my own fault. (hence we live on a cliff, lower level is more then 50ft down. Ry and I checked with a mesureing tape several years back.)
It's super late and I can't sleep so I better at least try now. Here's a picture of my besties with my phone camera.
Peace and good night world, hopefully.

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