December 19, 2011

X~Mas Slide Show

Happy  Holiday's Slide Show & Music.  

Ok so I can't wait another stinking second to have hubby come and fix my stinking slide show. First thing this morning I was certain I would have a beautiful DVD show for you all, but now at 4:31.  I am defeated, and laundry is done. Too bad Craigers has tuns of stuff to do and can't help me for more then a few minutes at a time. He is how ever kind, and helpful and this is the whole reason you are able to see the show!  Make sure the volume is on.  The music is so super sweet, right from Isabella's chorus class.  
Hopefully after bed time this will be all fixed up!  ;) 


  1. I LOVE it! You are such a great Mama! Merry Christmas to all the Prince Family :)

  2. Beautiful Jess. You did a great job, your family is beautiful!! I loved the music too.

  3. You r one creative momma! Beautiful Family, Beautiful Life. Wishing u a Merry Christmas and an even more "beautiful" 2012