June 15, 2011

Cake Pops

Ok, so they were fantastic! It took several tries. I was scared at first, but then no big deal. The only key I can give away at this time is, TIME. You must let the chocolate be cold. (that was hard for me)
So I want to give many props to the author of Cake Pops: Scoochmaroo @ Instructables. Here's a copy of the link: http://www.instructables.com/id/Cake-Pops/
Here are some photos I thought would have been helpful. I have only worked with chocolate a few times. I used many a mold and swore off white chocolate at the young age of 20. It was a disaster and I could never get the smell out of my head.
For this project I used chocolate melts found @ Michael's. It's almost Jessie proof.

30 seconds in the microwave. Just stir it up! 15 more seconds and we were ready!

So here we have a cooked and cold cake crumbled with a can of frosting. I choose white with white. I try to go simple on the first round so I know the basics. Make balls and place in fridge until cold. Dip your pop stick in the melted chocolate and place in the top of cake ball. Once again.. ...stick it in the fridge. I would suggest 20 minutes so chocolate is hard and cold.

Once the 20 minutes are up and chocolate is cold, I would take 2-4 pops out of fridge. Dip in chocolate then turn over and sprinkle Place right back in fridge inside the mason jar asap.

I used a small mason jar and did a balancing act. I would have used a taller one but it was in the dishwasher. I have a small kitchen so I used up my Halloween sprinkles and also used my favorite which would be rainbow and colored sugars.

Wrap with a triangle of saran wrap, ribbon, cut saran wrap back add clip art. Which was provided by Martha. We placed 3 in to a cone and thought we could elaborate it more with a ribbon handle.
This made about 50 pieces. We had to cut bamboo skewers. I like the white lolly pop sticks for handing out and I would like the thick wooden sticks for at home use.
Next time, animals!

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