June 04, 2011

Grabbing Buttons

OK, so now that I have had a few weeks on and off gathering information on bloggers and websites. I have decided I like the blogger world for now. It's a place to be crafty and it's my place. I have notice many bloggers have buttons. So if you have a very cool blogger I plan on adding your button. Wish me luck as this is a new water's for me.
Erin as you are my only follower, you are first! Erin can you please tell me if you get a notice that I have edited my post here? Thanks HUN!
Ok I just added my first button. What do you think? Erin this is so just for you, can you tell? xoxox


  1. I am making my own comment. This is so silly.
    Ok now to the comment!
    So I am working the button thing, right? I found many a blog I would love to share and I have added 3 beautiful buttons. My first button would be my friends blog. Yes, I have a friend. She's so super sweet and has the most amazing family. Her 3 boys are all super beautiful and kind. I am the lucky one. She is very talented in many ways, but mainly motherhood. Go check her out!
    Next we have Helping Little Hands. This is where I have learned to stamp steel. Yes, it's fun and super super cheep! I will post pics very soon! Go check this button out for Dad's day ideas. PS Army surplus sells dog tags for 1 dollar!
    Lastly for the night we have a How Joyful button. Found her @ http://www.allfreesewing.com/ml/1
    She has this amazing upcycle dress made from her husbands button down shirt. (I think it's her husband's) I will be purchasing mine from a thrift store as I have used Craig's shirts up on little girls dresses. Now I get to make a dress for momma! So excited. I better work on those sit ups!
    Go, check them out and see what you can see. All two of my followers. (I promise to get some more friends once I figure this place out. It won't all land on your shoulders for ever)
    Side note, all free sewing is a must website. MUST!!!

  2. Ok here we go again.
    Helping little hands does not work. Link to blog:
    Link to steel stamping:
    Link to upcycled dress:

  3. Here's my new found pattern love!
    Sew Sweet Patterns. I have added another button! I have also figured out that Blogger and Blogspot are not connected. Not sure why and what the difference is. Totally bummed out about that. =(